What if someday the sun disappeared?

Hello guys!Today let’s talk solar system without sun.

Let’s begin with our beloved surya-devta(The sun god).The sun is a star. A star does not have a solid surface, but is a ball of gas (92.1 percent hydrogen (H2) and 7.8 percent helium (He)) held together by its own gravity.There is a process called hydrogen fusion which is currently happening in it’s(sun) core.However, after hydrogen fusion has stopped, the Sun will undergo severe changes and become a “red giant”. It is calculated that the Sun will become sufficiently large to engulf the current orbits of Mercury,Venus, and possibly Earth.

But don’t worry,that’s about four billion years from now.For now, it is a source of life for us,that’s why the term “surya-devta”.But what if this object which is about 149700000 kms away from us disappeared suddenly???…BOOM!! blog2

Well, we won’t come to know(see) about it’s disappearance immediately,because light requires some time to travel from sun to earth,which is 8 mins 20 secs.so, basically it will require 8 mins 20 seconds for us to come to know that sun is vanished!!.This time is different for different planets.For instance, it will require saturn, 71 more minutes to realize as compared to earth.

why so?

Obviously because the distance of sun from every planet is different.

Interestingly,the gravity grasp of sun on earth will also end only after  8 mins 20 seconds because gravity waves travel at the speed of light.


Because of absence of gravitational grasp, earth and all other planets at their respective times will leave the orbits in which they were rotating around the sun and start travelling linearly, tangent to their orbits.

Now mass panic will definitely spread across the earth,because of sudden darkness. Of course we could rely on electricity but just for-a-while.

We studied about photosynthesis in our school.This process will stop immediately! But how would the photosynthesis affect us anyway?

No photosynthesis means plants won’t be able to prepare their food and correspondingly won’t inhale carbon dioxide and EXHALE OXYGEN!


But no need to worry.It’s calculated that even in the absence of all the sources of oxygen it will take us thousands of years to run out of oxygen!


But what about the earth’s temperature?At present the average temperature of our earth surface is 14.72 degree C.Without sun,after a week it would be 0 deg C which we can bear. But after a year it would be whooping – 78.99 deg C. Now what?? The best or may be the only option would be to move to geothermal areas within a year and if for some reason you can’t


After about 5 years,the oceans would be frozen completely.But god is kind to us..He made Ice less denser than water and an insulator .Do you know what does that mean?? No? It means that ice will float on water keeping it insulated from space,consequently no scarcity of water. Isn’t that great?!

Wait!Where’s our food?Scientists have revealed that the plants at the ocean bed and microbes does not require sun for their living because at the ocean bed the sunlight hardly reach anyway ,so these plants are used to live in these conditions.This tells us that the food chain of aquatic animals is complete with no sun.Consequently,OUR food chain is complete. wohoo!!

Now, we have oxygen,we have water,we have food.This implies we can stay alive for long without sun!!


Also,while travelling in  the linear motion with about 32.177 kms/sec earth may fall in an orbit of some other star! Which will be our new sun then!!  And life will start normally all over again…

But,was it worth telling you?…Really,can it happen?(sun disappearing that way)..You decide the answer to the first one.The answer to the second question is NO..Sun is matter and energy, and they both don’t just disappear that way.It may happen after sun becomes unstable,but that’s trillions of years from now.

So, our lives are not in danger as far as disappearance of sun is concerned..CHEERS!!

Thank you for your precious time !


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